Sharon P.

“For years, I have been walking through Meder’s showroom and coveting all of the beautiful pieces. I love purchasing pieces for my tiny, city garden and to give away to friends. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your selection. Thank you.”

Laurie J.

“As an amateur gardener, I needed help with my first planting and a friend recommended Meder’s and I am sure glad that she did! I received one-on-one attention and many tips for the future. Thank you for helping me with my gardening beginnings!”

Meredith F.

“After our Father passed, we couldn’t come up with the perfect memorial for him until someone suggested a garden remembrance wind chime. We went to Meder’s for this and the salespeople were gracious, kind, and understanding. We would recommend Meder’s to anyone dealing with a loss and looking for a daily reminder of their loved-one’s energy.”

Lynne G.

“Meder’s has always been a part of our Christmas tradition, starting with our kids and now with our grandkids. I am so grateful that you continue to work hard at putting on such a great show for our community! Thank you to the Meder Family, from my famly to your’s!”

Angela W.

“I have never found the quality in plant that I find at Meder’s anywhere else in the greater Pittsburgh area. I will recommend Meder’s to all of my gardening friends!”

Jeanette S.

“The Meder Family has been offering topnotch service for decades. I love bringing friends from out of the area to the store and wasting hours finding treasures. Thank you for continuing your tradition of excellence!”

Samuel B.

“We had recently purchased on old house which has a decorative pond on the premises, that needed some work. Meder’s walked us through the steps to fix it up and maintain it and now, it offers serenity and beauty to our family. Without their help, the pond would be a newly filled in patch of land. Thank you so much. We would recommend the staff at Meder’s to anyone.”

Robert L.

“I have never had any problems with the flowers and seeds that I have bought at Meder’s. they always grow well and are never diseased. I love the quality and expertise you are guaranteed to get at the store. Meder’s is a top quality business.”


Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a novice gardening enthusiast, there is no more exciting time than spring. Now is the time.



Let Meder’s help you spruce up your planters - we carry a number of fall flowers and perennials, including pansies.



Christmas at Meder’s Home & Garden Showplace is truly a magical time! Our Christmas showcase is one of the largest and most famous in the Pittsburgh area.