Ponds and Pond Accessories

Your One-Stop Store For All Pond Supplies

Having a garden pond provides you with a sanctuary, away from the stresses and frenzied pace of the modern world. A garden pond is a place of serenity, and Meder’s Home & Garden Showplace makes it easy for you to get all of the supplies that you need for your pond and/or water garden!

We pride ourselves on providing top quality pond supplies to help you get the most out of your outdoor water environment. We offer a wide range of supplies for all types of ponds. We also have a variety of aquatic plants that can enhance the water quality of your pond, or to add color and/or greenery.

In addition to fish, aquatic plants, pond chemicals, liner, pumps, filters and plants, Meder’s carries a wide selection of garden accessories from fountains and statuary to benches, flags and pottery.

Whether it is for your home or your office, you will find everything you need for your Pond or Water Garden at Meder’s! Stop by today and check out our inventory!


Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a novice gardening enthusiast, there is no more exciting time than spring. Now is the time.



Let Meder’s help you spruce up your planters - we carry a number of fall flowers and perennials, including pansies.



Christmas at Meder’s Home & Garden Showplace is truly a magical time! Our Christmas showcase is one of the largest and most famous in the Pittsburgh area.